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Pokémon : S17 | E18- Awakening the Sleeping Giant!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 18

Season 17 | Episode 18

Awakening the Sleeping Giant!

Our heroes make a stop in historic Camphrier Town, where they encounter a big problem: a Snorlax is sleeping soundly in the middle of town, snoring so loudly that the noise is almost unbearable! They learn that every year, at the end of the harvest, Snorlax comes to clear out the roots from the local crops. This arrangement works out well for both sides: Snorlax gets to eat its fill of tasty roots, and the townspeople get their fields plowed in the process. Afterward, they throw a Harvest Festival to thank Snorlax for its help, and the Lord of Shabboneau Castle plays the Poké Flute—the only thing that can wake Snorlax up after a big meal. But this year, he’s refusing to attend, and no one knows why.

Ash and friends go to the castle to ask for Lord Shabboneau’s help. Eventually, he admits that Princess Allie of the nearby Parfum Palace took his Poké Flute and won’t give it back. Our heroes go to the palace in an attempt to retrieve it, but the princess refuses—at least until she notices Pikachu. She challenges Ash to a battle against her and her Furfrou, and suggests that they put the Poké Flute and Pikachu on the line! Ash and the others are appalled at this suggestion, but Princess Allie insists that it’s the only way she’ll consider giving them the flute, and Pikachu is firmly on board, so the battle begins.

The rules say that a battle is supposed to continue until one Pokémon is unable to go on, as usual. But a Thunderbolt from Pikachu messes up Furfrou’s carefully trimmed hairstyle, and Allie immediately calls a halt to send Furfrou to the groomer. Clemont declares Ash the winner, but Allie still refuses to give them the flute! This makes Clemont angry, and he delivers quite a speech telling the princess exactly what he thinks of her. His scolding seems to backfire, because Allie decides that our heroes can have the flute—as long as she gets to keep Clemont!

Ash, Serena, and Bonnie secretly assure Clemont they’ll come back for him, and head back to Camphrier Town with the flute. Lord Shabboneau is just about to start his performance to kick off the Harvest Festival when the flute is suddenly snatched from his hands by Team Rocket! Jessie, James, and Meowth think they can use the flute to control Snorlax. What actually happens is that when Jessie tries to play it, a horrible screeching noise emerges, and Snorlax wakes up in a really bad mood. The cranky Pokémon promptly sends Team Rocket blasting off again.

The Poké Flute lands in Lord Shabboneau’s hands, and his masterful playing quickly calms the giant Pokémon. The Harvest Festival is a huge success, Snorlax is awake and happy and headed home, and our heroes get ready to say their goodbyes. That’s when they suddenly realize they’ve forgotten about Clemont! But thanks to science, Clemont has made his own escape from the princess’s grasp, and their journey continues.


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