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Pokémon : S17 | E20- Breaking Titles at the Chateau!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 20

Season 17 | Episode 20

Breaking Titles at the Chateau!

On their way to Cyllage City, our heroes meet Nico and Chester, two brothers who introduce them to the incredible Battle Chateau. Its owner, Lord Turner, explains that the Trainers who battle there are considered knights and expected to adhere to the knight’s code of chivalry and honor. By defeating others at the Battle Chateau, a Trainer receives a title of nobility—from the lowly Baron to the acclaimed Grand Duke.

Nico has already earned his Baron title, and he wants to introduce Chester to the Chateau. First, though, he’s looking for a battle of his own—and when his Fletchinder defeats Baron Farrell and his Dusknoir, Nico earns the new title of Viscount! Next, Chester and Ash face off in their debut battle. Chester’s Fletchling makes a valiant effort, but Pikachu is triumphant, and Ash is now a Baron!

Gym Leader (and Duchess) Viola also frequents the Battle Chateau, and after snapping a photo of Ash in his new Baron cape, she receives a challenge of her own. Duke Grant, with his powerful Onix, and Duchess Viola, with her speedy Surskit, take the battlefield—but thanks to some impressive training, Onix manages to keep up with Surskit, and Grant wins, earning the highest title of Grand Duke!

Afterward, Ash is determined to advance through the Battle Chateau ranks so he can challenge Grant someday, but it seems that may not be necessary—because Grant is the Gym Leader of Cyllage City, our heroes’ next stop!


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Unknown said...

Very nice website! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Chester and Nico are the first 2 members of team skull! ☠️☠️☠️

Anonymous said...

why the hell are they saying ''yo yo'' when they talk.

Anonymous said...

Because Pokemon is cringe and so am I. It's just trying to be like me ;P
But yeah, the "yo yo" is annoying. See more in that Ultimate Journeys slowpoke one 0-0

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