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Pokémon : S17 | E26- To Find a Fairy Flower!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 26

Season 17 | Episode 26

To Find a Fairy Flower!

When a tiny and sad-looking Pokémon lands in Bonnie’s hair, our heroes are determined to find out what’s wrong! Its Trainer, Grey, explains that the little Flabébé has a special bond with his wife, Florence. She recently became ill, and when Flabébé tried to visit her in the hospital, a passing car blew its flower away. Without its flower, Flabébé is growing weak, but it won’t accept just any flower as a replacement—it needs a Fairy Flower, and those are hard to find!

Our heroes set out in search of the flower, “assisted” by Team Rocket disguised as tour guides. Bonnie spots a Fairy Flower growing high on the side of a cliff, and since Flabébé is too weak to fly, she climbs up after it as Ash, Serena, and Clemont watch anxiously from below.

While they’re distracted, Team Rocket nabs Pikachu! As a battle to reclaim it begins, Flabébé bonds with its new flower, and once its energy is restored, it floats over the villains and sprinkles them with its relaxing pollen. The Team Rocket members happily release Pikachu and wander off in a joyful daze!

Our heroes take Flabébé to meet Grey at the hospital. Florence perks up immediately upon seeing her dear friend. And though Bonnie has to say goodbye, her kindness and courage have saved the day!


Chrysanthemum Ella said...

Team Rocket's 'wonderfully relaxed state' was very amusing.

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From where do you download these episodes.

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Why bunny don't ask jessy for clamint

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