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Pokémon : S17 | E03- A Battle of Aerial Mobility!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 3

Season 17 | Episode 3

A Battle of Aerial Mobility!

While Serena is on her way to Professor Sycamore to receive her first Pokémon, Ash successfully registers for the Kalos League and calls Professor Oak to show off Froakie, his first Kalos Pokémon. Then, to our hero’s happy surprise, Clemont and Bonnie ask Ash if they can accompany him on his Kalos journey, with the Santalune City Gym as their first stop!

As the trio set off, Jessie, James, and Meowth are checking in with their Boss, promising him that Team Rocket will catch as many rare and powerful Pokémon as possible in the Kalos region. With Giovanni’s approval, they set off as well.

The first new Pokémon our heroes come across is a hungry Dedenne in a tree, who struggles with a large berry before dropping it to the ground. Bonnie decides she just has to have Dedenne, and asks Clemont to catch it for her. Ash agrees to help, but an ornery Fletchling suddenly swoops down, steals the berry, and eats it. Crying, Dedenne runs away, but Ash decides Fletchling would be a great addition to his team!

Without any word from Ash, Froakie unexpectedly springs into battle mode, while Clemont produces his “Flying-type Pokémon Attractor Machine” in an attempt to lure Fletchling out of the sky. But without a plan, Froakie is unsuccessful, and Clemont’s machine turns out to have no effect on Flying-type Pokémon. It does, however, succeed in attracting a huge swarm of angry Beedrill!

Deciding on a different strategy, Ash makes use of Froakie’s amazing jumping skills, turning an environment full of cliffs and ledges into an enormous battlefield. A more even battle ensues between Fletchling and Froakie, and after a couple of attempts, Ash has his second Kalos Pokémon—Fletchling!

Meanwhile, catching Kalos Pokémon seems to be all the rage, as elsewhere James manages to catch an Inkay that’s been following Team Rocket to steal their food...

And away from all this action, Serena has arrived at the Sycamore Pokémon Lab. As a new Trainer, she must now choose her first Pokémon: Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie. Who will it be?

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