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Pokémon : S17 | E06- Battling on Thin Ice!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 6

Season 17 | Episode 6

Battling on Thin Ice!

After his defeat at the Santalune City Gym, Ash is having doubts that he can defeat the skilled Gym Leader Viola in a rematch. But Serena (who, it turns out, met Ash at Pokémon Summer Camp when they were younger) reminds him that he’s always been determined not to give up until it’s over. This reminder snaps Ash out of his self-doubt and inspires him to do some serious special training with Pikachu and Fletchling against Alexa’s Noivern!

Standing up to Noivern’s Gust is hard work, but soon Ash feels like they’re ready. He also has an idea about how to deal with the ice battlefield if Viola uses that trick again, but he’s not telling anybody what it is. And since they also had trouble with Surskit’s Sticky Web, Clemont shows off one of his inventions: the machine that reproduces Sticky Web exactly! The machine shoots a couple of webs so Pikachu and Fletchling can practice dodging, but when Clemont tries to turn up the intensity, it blows up. Undeterred, Ash asks Froakie to throw its gooey Frubbles to simulate Sticky Web attacks, and Ash and his team seem to be as ready for a rematch as they can be...

The next day, it’s obvious right from the start that their intense training is paying off. Pikachu digs in with its tail to stay upright on the icy battlefield and defeats Surskit! Ash then sends Fletchling out for a rematch against Vivillon, but Viola’s Pokémon has another move they didn’t know about: Sleep Powder! The snoozing Fletchling can’t avoid Vivillon’s powerful Solar Beam, and Viola evens the score at one Pokémon each.

Ash has to call Pikachu back in, even though it’s worn out from beating Surskit. Vivillon uses Sleep Powder again—but Ash’s voice cuts through Pikachu’s sleepiness, telling it to use Electro Ball on itself! This shocking strategy wakes Pikachu up so it can defeat Vivillon with a final Thunderbolt, and Ash wins the match and the Bug Badge!

Alexa suggests the Cyllage City Gym for their next destination, and after a few farewells, Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie head off—along with Serena, who isn’t yet sure where she’s going...

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