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Pokémon : S17 | E08- Grooming Furfrou!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 8

Season 17 | Episode 8

Grooming Furfrou!

Continuing their Kalos region journey, our heroes spot a beautifully styled Furfrou. Ash isn’t sure why it doesn’t look like the shaggy one in his Pokédex, and Serena tells him about Pokémon groomers. There’s a famous one named Sherman right in town, and Serena and Bonnie would love to meet him!

Just then, an ungroomed Furfrou jumps out of the bushes, knocking Bonnie down! Its Trainer, Jessica, offers to give our heroes a tour of the grooming salon where she works by way of apology. It turns out that even though she’s the assistant to the famous Sherman, her Furfrou won’t let her style its fur, apparently because the two of them haven’t formed a strong bond.

In town, Ash and the others meet Jessally, who claims to be another famous Pokémon groomer, and her assistants. The three of them show off several examples of spectacular Pokémon grooming and offer to groom Pikachu. Ash isn’t interested, but Bonnie thinks Serena should get Fennekin groomed. Jessally insists that they come back in about an hour to give her time to work.

Soon after leaving Fennekin with Jessally, our heroes run into Officer Jenny, who shows them a wanted poster of Jessally and her assistants—who are really Team Rocket in disguise! Thanks to Jessica’s Furfrou and its amazing nose, Ash and friends track the villains down and send them blasting off again.

Battling together has brought Jessica and Furfrou closer, and when they get back to the salon, she finally gets the chance to trim its fur into a beautiful style, showing off everything she’s learned under Sherman! She promises to style Serena’s Fennekin someday when she’s a famous groomer, and our heroes resume their journey to Lumiose City!


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