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Pokémon : S18 | E20- Garchomp’s Mega Bond!

Pokémon The Series:
XY -
Kalos Quest

Season 18 | Episode 20

Season 18 | Episode 20

Garchomp’s Mega Bond!

On their way out of Lumiose City, our heroes visit Professor Sycamore, who enthusiastically shows them his latest experiment: he’s acquired a Key Stone and a Mega Stone, and he wants to see if his friend Garchomp will Mega Evolve! But while everyone’s excitement builds, there is a huge explosion and Garchomp is whisked away, along with both stones. Upon further investigation, the thieves turn out to be none other than Team Rocket!

Professor Sycamore and our heroes chase after them, soon joined by the mysterious man in the Blaziken mask. When Team Rocket tries to get Garchomp to Mega Evolve and join them, the masked man lends the professor his Key Stone. Quickly, the bond between professor and Pokémon overwhelms even Team Rocket’s mind control ray. Mega Garchomp, Blaziken, and Pikachu combine to send the villains blasting off again!

Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie say their goodbyes and head off toward Laverre City. Meanwhile, the professor seems to have figured out who’s behind the Blaziken mask...

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