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Pokémon : S18 | E06- Facing the Grand Design!

Pokémon The Series:
XY -
Kalos Quest

Season 18 | Episode 6

Season 18 | Episode 6

Facing the Grand Design!

Continuing their journey to Coumarine City, our heroes arrive at a strangely shaped mountain known as Grace Tower. When a Malamar appears out of the woods, our heroes are wary—after all, an evil Malamar once hypnotized them as part of a sinister plot—but this one turns out to be part of a large group of friendly Pokémon living happily together in the forest.

However, the evil Malamar is nearby, and this time it has allies! Thanks to James’s Inkay, the Team Rocket trio are the first to discover it. At the urging of Officer Jenny, who’s been tracking the evil Malamar ever since their previous encounter, Ash and friends join forces with Team Rocket to thwart Malamar’s plot to take over the world!

The battle is fierce, but the three evil Malamar are defeated, mostly thanks to the strong bond between Inkay and James. Unfortunately, the Malamar escape once more, vowing to return and carry out their evil plot...


Unknown said...

the last part was heart warming

Unknown said...

Last part make me cry true love

Anonymous said...

The sound is soo bad 😭

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