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Pokémon : S18 | E23- So You’re Having a Bad Day!

Pokémon The Series:
XY -
Kalos Quest

Season 18 | Episode 23

Season 18 | Episode 23

So You’re Having a Bad Day!

On the way to Laverre City, Serena and Bonnie look up their daily fortunes in Serena’s guidebook, which predicts a bad day for both of them. Meanwhile, the Team Rocket trio, who have just gotten their hands on a berry bonanza, spot our heroes and swoop down to attack! In the ensuing battle, some of the berries end up in our heroes’ hands. Then, when three angry Pangoro charges out of the woods, everyone runs for cover and gets separated—and Bonnie ends up with Meowth!

The two of them bicker at first but eventually decide to cooperate. After Bonnie gets hit with a Spore attack that makes her sleep, Meowth and Dedenne work together to find the berry that will heal her, and soon she is feeling fine.

When our heroes are finally reunited, the angry Pangoro reappear. According to Meowth’s translation, the Pangoro think our heroes stole their food, and that’s why they attacked. But when Jessie and James show up (still carrying a big bag of berries), it quickly becomes clear who the real culprits are! The Pangoro sends the villains blasting off again, our heroes return the berries, and Bonnie tells Serena that her day didn’t turn out so bad after all!


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