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Pokémon : S18 | E37- A Legendary Photo Op!

Pokémon The Series:
XY -
Kalos Quest

Season 18 | Episode 37

Season 18 | Episode 37

A Legendary Photo Op!

When our heroes arrive at the foot of Mt. Molteau, the sudden appearance of a fiery Charmeleon lets them know that Trevor, their friend from Pokémon summer camp, is nearby! His goal is to take a photograph of the Legendary Pokémon Moltres, who is reputed to live on Mt. Molteau.

The Team Rocket villains are close behind, hoping to catch Moltres for the Boss. But first they grab Pikachu and a battle ensues near the volcano’s crater. The Legendary Pokémon awakens during the fray and sends Team Rocket blasting off with a powerful Flamethrower!

Unfortunately, Moltres thinks our heroes are also enemies and turns its attack on them! While trying to protect Ash and his friends, Fletchinder evolves into a magnificent Talonflame. When Talonflame finds itself in trouble, Ash jumps to the rescue, saving his beloved Pokémon and proving to Moltres that he means it no harm.

Trevor has gotten his photograph, our heroes have met Moltres, and Ash and Talonflame vow to work hard together. And now the journey to Anistar City continues!

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