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Pokémon : S17 | E14- Seeking Shelter from the Storm!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 14

Season 17 | Episode 14

Seeking Shelter from the Storm!

Our heroes and Team Rocket both seek shelter from a downpour in an old, abandoned mansion. When lights come on and doors close behind them, they’re convinced the mansion is haunted—and because neither of the two groups knows the other is there, they keep scaring each other with their startled screams!

When our heroes explore the house and encounter a mysterious being with glowing eyes, Ash, Serena, and Clemont are terrified—but Bonnie runs after it to find out what’s going on, and ends up making a new friend: a Psychic-type Pokémon named Espurr! She realizes that Espurr has been responsible for all the strange happenings in the house and that it’s keeping them from leaving for some reason. Espurr shows her the lovely pendant it’s wearing and points out the same pendant in a portrait of an older woman, but Bonnie can’t figure out what it wants.

Ash, Serena, and Clemont go searching for Bonnie and run into Team Rocket instead. They accuse each other of being responsible for the “haunting,” but when they meet up with Bonnie and Espurr, they quickly figure out what’s going on, and Meowth offers to translate for Espurr so it will let them leave the house.

It seems the woman in the painting used to take care of the wild Espurr, feeding and playing with it when it came to her mansion. She even let it wear the precious pendant, a gift from her husband. But when it came back to return the pendant, the woman was gone and the house was empty. It’s been waiting in the house ever since, hoping its friend will come back for her pendant—and now it wants our heroes to help find her!

Jessie, James, and Meowth have another idea: they want to catch Espurr instead. They attack, but it quickly sends the villains blasting off again. Ash and Clemont are promising Espurr that they’ll help it find the woman who lived in the mansion when the new owner of the house arrives! Her name is Elise, and the woman who took care of Espurr was her grandmother, Lacy. She tells Espurr the sad news that Grandma Lacy passed away, and offers to take it to the cemetery so it can say goodbye to her. Elise also announces her plans to renovate the old house and move in herself and says Espurr is welcome to come and play any time. It’s a bittersweet ending to Espurr’s long quest, as our heroes say their farewells and continue their journey to Cyllage City.


Chrysanthemum Ella said...

A moving episode, but hilarious too. Truly bittersweet!

Chrysanthemum Ella said...

A moving episode, but hilarious too. Truly bittersweet for EspurrEspurr.

Unknown said...

Thank you for keeping it free in english. I wanted to watch this show from a long time . THANKS FOR THIS.😀

Unknown said...

Same i watched it on Netflix before it got removed

Unknown said...

I want in hindi

Anonymous said...

I hate this show cringe

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