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Pokémon : S17 | E15- An Appetite for Battle!

Pokémon The Series:

Season 17 | Episode 15

Season 17 | Episode 15

An Appetite for Battle!

On their way to Cyllage City, our heroes decide to camp out for the night. Clemont puts his inventor skills to use making an excellent dinner. And for dessert, Serena brings out a basket full of her homemade macarons—but the basket is empty! Clemont quickly discovers that his Chespin has eaten them all...again!

Clemont apologizes to the others and tries to get Chespin to battle Ash’s Froakie for some exercise. But after eating all those sweets, Chespin is completely stuffed and moving slowly, and Froakie beats it easily. Bonnie challenges them next, and Dedenne wins in a flash. Chespin seems embarrassed, and Clemont is determined to get his Pokémon ready for battle again.

That night, Clemont is hard at work inventing some new exercise gear for Chespin. But he doesn’t realize Chespin has been lured away by the smell of something delicious. Still, in a snooze, Chespin follows its nose through the woods to the steps of a house, where it falls asleep again.

The next morning, Chespin wakes to discover the source of the delicious smell: fresh macarons just out of the oven! Carrie, the old woman who lives in the house, is delighted to have such an enthusiastic audience and gives Chespin all the macarons it can eat. When Clemont comes looking for his wayward Pokémon, he sees Chespin happily munching macarons with Carrie on the porch and decides Chespin is better off right where it is.

When her husband Wylie returns home, Carrie asks Chespin to take her side in a battle against him and his Delphox. Going up against a powerful Fire-type Pokémon scares Chespin, especially since its very full belly is still making it hard to battle. Sure enough, Delphox’s first attack is a direct hit, and it sends up a cloud of smoke big enough for our heroes to see from a distance. Clemont realizes Chespin is in trouble and runs back to the house, throwing himself into the line of fire! Wylie quickly calls off the battle, but Chespin wants to keep going, so Clemont asks if he can step in.

It’s still a bad matchup, but Clemont figures out that since Chespin is rounder than usual right now, it’s particularly good at rolling. He tells Chespin to keep rolling and dodging Delphox’s attacks, and eventually, Chespin starts to feel more like its usual self. Wylie is about to unleash a powerful move, despite his wife’s warnings—but in the midst of giving this dramatic order, he hurts his back! The battle is called to a draw, and Wylie and Carrie explain that the purpose of the battle was to settle an argument they had the day before. But it turns out Wylie already bought Carrie a lovely cake to apologize, and they decide to share it with our heroes as thanks for their help!

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