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Pokémon : S25 | E19- Aim For The Eight!

yugen.toh1 style="text-align: center;"> Pokémon The Series:
Ultimate Journeys

Season 25 | Episode 19

Season 25 | Episode 19

Aim For The Eight!

It’s time for Ash’s battle against Raihan—the winner gets to compete in the Masters Eight Tournament! As Leon watches, the three-on-three battle begins with Raihan’s Flygon versus Ash’s Dragonite. But Flygon overwhelms Dragonite, and Raihan is in the lead! Then, Ash chooses Gengar. Flygon attacks fiercely, but after recovering from an attack, Gengar Gigantamaxes! Flygon is taken down, and then Gengar and Raihan’s Goodra knock each other out! With one Pokémon left on each side, Raihan chooses Duraludon, while Ash chooses Lucario. Although Duraludon Gigantamaxes, it’s no match for Ash and Lucario’s new technique: G-Max Aura Sphere. Ash wins the battle, officially becoming a member of the Masters Eight!


Usuf said...

Plz hurry 🥺.

Achin said...

Season 24 | Episode 61 | Subbed (Pokémon the Series: Journeys Episode 109)
VS Kibana! The Battle For The Masters Eight!
has been uploaded.

Please watch and enjoy!
watch here -

Anonymous said...

one episode each sunday

Anonymous said...

I can’t wait for the subbed version to be out fully 😭

Anonymous said...

why is it Japanese i cant understand

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