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Pokémon : S25 | E20- Narrowing The Chaser Chase!

Pokémon The Series:
Ultimate Journeys

Season 25 | Episode 20

Season 25 | Episode 20

Narrowing The Chaser Chase!

At the Sea Mauville nature preserve, Goh is tackling his next Project Mew trial mission—survival in battle! With only Inteleon, he must battle other challengers until just one Trainer remains. Luckily for Goh, Horace appears, and the two of them team up. Many of the other challengers form teams, too, and one pair in particular threatens to end the boys’ winning streak. In the end, only Goh and Horace remain, but only one can win. Horace reluctantly battles and defeats Goh, winning three Project Mew tokens. Goh receives two, but he’s discouraged when he finds out the Chaser selection will happen soon—he has some catching up to do.


Achin said...

Season 24 | Episode 62 | Subbed (Pokémon the Series: Journeys Episode 110)
The Battle Royal of Betrayal!
has been uploaded.

Please watch and enjoy!
watch here -

Anonymous said...

When will the next episode release

Anonymous said...

yoo man nice bro

Anonymous said...

Wait for next sat. 😊❤thanku

chandra sekhar said...

when did English dubbeb release

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