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Pokémon : S25 | E22- Helping The Hometown Hero!

Pokémon The Series:
Ultimate Journeys

Season 25 | Episode 22

Season 25 | Episode 22 | Subbed

Helping The Hometown Hero!

With Lillie’s family reunited, Ash, Goh, and Chloe accompany them home to Alola. The visit gives Ash a chance to show how much his skills have grown since he became the region’s Champion: a Battle Royal has been scheduled, and Professor Kukui, Gladion, and Kiawe are his opponents! The battling is intense, and the Battle Royal Dome is packed with people cheering for Ash and wishing him success in the upcoming Masters Eight Tournament. After the event, Ash heads to the beach, where he’s soon joined by Professor Kukui and Tapu Koko. The Island Guardian gives Ash a show of support, and our hero vows to give it his all!


Anonymous said...

Next episode please

Anonymous said...

pls next episode as fast as possible pls pls

Anonymous said...

This episode is amazing I love it 😍 It will become more good if it dubbed in English

Anonymous said...

ash should battle with atlest few of his alola pokemon also as he is representing alola as being a champion of it so he should atleast include one or two pokemon of alola also

Anonymous said...

maybe in ash should take some of his alola pokemon to battle not atleast master class atleast in final battling in world coronation series cuz those pokemon are also worked hard for him to be a champion in alola i wish all this old pokemon and friends shld be back one time together and after this jounery series pls don't stop pokemon its shld be unstopable, make some new jounery with ash even if he wins the world champion!! we will miss pokemon anime a lot if it gets over!!

Anonymous said...

Man! This episode is awesome and when I say some I mean really awsome

Anonymous said...

Ash is really strong

Anonymous said...

I can't watch any episodes

Anonymous said...

Please add a episode of the finals plsssss

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