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Pokémon : S25 | E23- Chasing To The Finish!

Pokémon The Series:
Ultimate Journeys

Season 25 | Episode 23

Season 25 | Episode 23

Chasing To The Finish!

Goh has been working tirelessly to become a Project Mew Chaser, and now he’s down to his last mission: catch Regieleki and Regidrago!

Of course, he’s not the only Trainer vying for the title. Gary is as well!

Things might have been a little bit rocky when the two first met, but now they’re putting cooperation above competition and are vowing to work together!

Thanks to some good advice from Lyla and Sterling, Goh and Gary develop into quite the formidable team, and catching Regieleki and Regidrago becomes more than a fantasy!

Finally, Professor Amaranth announces the official results, and Gary, Horace, and Goh are accepted as Project Mew Chasers!


Anonymous said...

Bro i am unable to see this episode

Anonymous said...

next ep date plz

Anonymous said...

i want to see next episode in englosh

Anonymous said...

episodes over episode 42 are actually pokemon ultimate journeys episodes but in Japanese and each week they upload one episode for ultimate journeys so it will take months or even a year to get this episode in english

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